A document that will help determine what Bendix air dryer is right for you. 

This video discusses the proper maintenance procedures for replacing the air dryer’s heater, as well as the delivery check valve.

Total Run Time: 9 Minutes

This video discusses the proper procedure for replacing the air dryer’s purge valve, as well as the desiccant cartridge.  Other topics include the proper intervals for product replacement, how to know when it’s time for replacement and an important note about the Bendix® PuraGuard® Oil Coalescing cartridge.

Total Run Time: 13 Minutes

A discussion from the 2014 Mid America Truck Show about the importance of air dryers and how the PuraGuard oil coalescing filter can help optimize the performance of a truck’s air system.

Total Run Time: 15 Minutes

Modern trucks increasingly depend on complex compressed air control systems to increase productivity, reduce emissions, and enhance driver comfort. Bendix® PuraGuard® Oil Coalescing air dryer cartridges provide an additional level of protection for compressed air systems by removing harmful oil aerosols that can damage valves and degrade seals. PuraGuard’s unique patented three-stage process effectively removes oil aerosols before they can degrade the dryer’s performance.

Total Run Time: 10 Minutes

A discussion from the 2011 Mid-America Truck Show about the top 10 most common questions regarding air dryers.

Total Run Time: 15 Minutes

A discussion from the 2012 Mid-America Truck Show about how new air dryer oil removing technologies can increase the efficiency and performance of air treatment systems.

Total Run Time: 14 Minutes