This video discusses the proper installation and adjustment procedure for an automatic slack adjuster.

Choose Bendix® Versajust® for a lowered risk of over adjustment and dragging brakes plus a minimum running clearance for more reserve chamber stroke. With Versajust’s WearMax™ Clutch, you’ll not only maximize brake performance, you’ll extend lining and drum life and put more money on the bottom line.

Total Run Time: 10 Minutes

A discussion from the 2014 Mid America Truck Show about the Bendix®; Versajust® LS™ with the WearMax Clutch automatic slack adjuster and how it impacts CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability Act), compliance and your bottom line. Topics discussed include brake fade, brake drag, slack adjuster adjustment rate and more.

Total Run Time: 11 Minutes

This video covers the do’s and don’ts of the proper maintenance procedures for the Bendix® Versajust® LS™ Slack Adjuster with the WearMax™ Clutch. 

Total Run Time: 14 Minutes