This video instructs on the proper way to remove the Bendix® FLC-20 camera and bracket from the vehicle windshield. 

Total Run Time: 9 Minutes

This video instructs on the proper way to install the Bendix® FLC-20 bracket and camera on the vehicle windshield. 

Total Run Time: 11 Minutes

This video provides basic guidelines for driving a vehicle equipped with the Bendix® Wingman® Fusion™ collision mitigation system – the flagship driver assistance system by Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC. It demonstrates how Bendix Wingman Fusion works, the potential situations it can help mitigate, what to expect when using the technology, and what the system can and cannot address.

Run Time: 20 Minutes

This video depicts the correct removal and installation process for the Bendix™ FLC-20™ (Forward Looking Camera) bracket on an International® brand vehicle.

Total Run Time: 9 Minutes